The future is
already here.

DMC is commercializing a broad range of sustainable products with economically viable processes by leveraging its proven precision fermentation technology that is Made to Scale™ platform.



DMC flavors, fragrances, and ingredients are more sustainable, have natural labels, and are wallet friendly.



DMC L-Alanine, a chemical intermediate and nutritional supplement, offers a 40-90% carbon emissions reduction and addresses the market’s fragile supply chain.




DMC Xylitol, a low-calorie sweetener, is naturally produced through fermentation (non-synthetic) and has a 65% lower carbon footprint.



Our growing portfolio includes new and drop-in chemicals such as diols, polyols, and organic acids, and more. These product families enable the creation of the sustainable products consumers want, from home care to consumer goods.


Develop a product
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Our Made to Scale™ platform can produce affordable bio-based chemicals for many applications and we have proven it will scale. Bring us your candidate molecules and we will craft a development plan to meet your cost, carbon, and quality requirements. Contact us to begin your collaboration.

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