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Intern Experience

I feel as though working here at DMC gave me valuable experience in the startup industry. I was part of a professional but laid back experience that taught me a lot about the inner mechanisms of not only a chemistry lab, but the knowledge of how they function efficiently. Expectations were set high for me and I was expected to find my own path to a solution or outcome. I find this experience paramount to another at a larger company because of my ability to create lasting personal connections that helped me learn by having one on one time with people talented in their fields. I spent most of my time here at DMC validating an iron assay as part of a long term project. This taught me many things, but one of the most important being that if a procedure does not work, then there are steps that you can take to try to change the procedure so that it will work in the future. This also taught me that there is not always one solution to every problem in science and that it takes time and effort to find a solution, just like a puzzle. I am very thankful for all of the skills that I gained while at DMC.

Oz A

DMC Biotechnologies Intern